martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Musica y letras

Un gran poema en ingles de un gran amigo e increible compositor;

“We’ll lead it anywhere, anywhere out
Not to kill, not to conquer.
This time we can’t stand, though we won’t fall,
To lead it anywhere it’s the only way out…”
Destroying our world, erasing the souls
Of those who fight to defend what is left
Of the treasures we used to live for.
Hard to resist, our right to exist,
The caress of the cold wind in our faces
Makes us stronger, stronger than this.
The rebellion of what we created,
The shadow grows stronger, as we fall deeper
Into consequences,
Of mistakes that now
We can’t regret
To face it we stand,
We’ll give it an end,
But so many lives,
Have been stepped aside.
While the Nightingale flies,
And he is not afraid to die…
“It all was lost, in corpses and dust,
When it came along the skies.
Like a burning arrow, gave us hope,
There was still a long battle way up
But… we had a reason why”
Light brought to kingdoms
All of its wisdom,
Assess the cold Wind
Caressing your face…
“We’ll lead it anywhere, anywhere out.
Not to kill, not to conquer, but to prove.
Darkness can be against you…
But if you still have a light
You can still win your fight”

Kingdom Land

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